meet the team.

Angelene Estiandan

Co-Founder, Organizer

Always creating content on

Vibhu Venkatesh

Co-Founder, Branding Designer

check out my art and other neat content at

Phoebe Wongphatarakul

Website Designer, Certified Peer Counselor

likes to make websites and help people solve the real problems of the world

Ethan Balgemino

Certified Peer Counselor

As someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 5, I’m passionate about mental health awareness and getting rid of the lingering stigma surrounding autism.

Erin Kim

Certified Peer Counselor


Bridget Yang

Certified Peer Counselor

A human being who wants to destigmatize mental health and make mental health care readily accessible to all.

Megan Kim

Certified Peer Counselor

I am Megan Kim, a student at West Ranch high school and I enjoy doing art and computer science.

Chika Ma

Certified Peer Counselor

a storyteller that strives to spark conversations about everything from plastic waste to who the rightful heir of the airplane armrest is

Tara Bramen

Certified Peer Counselor

Myles Shin

Certified Peer Counselor

I want to create a lasting impact and hopeful play my role in making the world a better place. To see more of my work and what I do, check my website:

Candace Lee

Certified Peer Counselor

I believe environment has a lot of influence on the individual, and therefore believe we should invest a lot of energy and time to make sure that people have the best environment possible.

Zoe Monterola

Certified Peer Counselor

a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine (after letting out your feelings)